CTC Aims For More Women Cyclists

Posted by chdot on April 17, 2007

ctc web site
The world’s oldest organisation for cyclists the CTC (formerly the Cyclists Touring Club) is working hard to encourage more women to cycle. Five miles to Fabulous is the (slightly curious) name for a web site and a series of rides in June. (None in Scotland so far, perhaps you could organise one.)

The significant idea behind this initiative is the fact that the rides are FIVE miles long. This parallels the work of TryCycling in Edinburgh which organises monthly rides (open to all) mostly between 5 and 10 miles long. Organiser Maggie Wynn says “short rides with other people is a fabulous way to give people the confidence to ride on their own. Some people come regularly because the rides are very social and great fun. Others come a few times. I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve told me that they now cycle to work because of TCIE rides.”

The CTC has also produced a great eight page guide Women on Wheels which has the strapline – “Note: The information in this guide shows what you can do, not what you must do. All you really need is a bike”.

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