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Election Special

Posted by chdot on April 23, 2007

spokes manifesto.gif
Once again Spokes has come up with all the information you need to know if your voting choices are going to be made or swayed by cycling issues.

The latest Spokesworker (download PDF) has a pretty comprehensive guide to the policies of various parties. Both Labour and the Lib Dems promise to “enable” or “offer” cycle training to all P6/7 children. This is important as from the 1st of August Lothian and Borders Police will be almost entirely backing away from CT leaving it in the hands of local councils.

Whichever party has the greatest number of seats on May 4th on City of Edinburgh Council, it will not have an overall majority due to the new proportional representation voting system (STV). As Spokes says –

“Continued lobbying will be vital after the elections, immediately and in the future. Keep a note of what the victorious parties and candidates promised, and use this to remind and pester them! Immediately after the elections, Holyrood and most councils are likely to fix up coalitions and devise cross-party programmes, so a short immediate email/letter to leading councillors/MSPs on your priorities could be really useful at that stage.”

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