RBS Promotes Cycling to Gogarburn

Posted by chdot on April 24, 2007

The Royal Bank’s (fairly) new World HQ already has a reasonable number of people cycling to work. But the company is keen to see more and has asked TryCycling in Edinburgh to set up a “Cycling Information Stand” today (for staff only). “An opportunity to find out more about cycling in and around Edinburgh and commuting by bike to RBS.”

This is one of a number of similar events being organised in advance of Bike Week to encourage more cycling. PricewaterhouseCoopers and Queen Margaret UC are two examples. YOUR company/organisation could have one too!

2 Responses to “RBS Promotes Cycling to Gogarburn”

  1. Yes, RBS is doing and has done a lot on their site to encourage more people to cycle, for which all credit to them. However, at this massive World HQ, built at vast cost, and even including its own shopping street, why did they do *nothing* to upgrade and provide decent routes to the site? And if RBS wasn’t offering to do that, why didn’t the council insist when they gave planning permission?

    The A8 path has been very poor for much of the way, and very unpleasant at the nearby roundabout – although an initial path upgrade is now being done by the council thanks to funding from SESTRAN for main-road cycleroutes, the result of a major Spokes campaign over the last 3 years. However much more is needed – including a path on the other side of the A8, decent means of crossing it, and a proper look at the roundabout. This question of quality routes to the site is something which RBS needs still to be pressed on – they like to be thought of as a world-class company, and are keen to encourage more people to cycle to work, yet did nothing about rubbish routes to the world HQ!

  2. We love RBS said

    What exactly do you expect the RBS to do??? They built their HQ and buses have been arranged which take you directly into the campus, they also have a free bus for employees which travels from the other campuses.

    I can hardly see Sir Fred giving money to upgrade the streets, cycle paths or roundabouts around his buildings… do you see any other major corporations doing that???

    Get a grip you loon and get onto the backs of the people who should be doing something about this – the council!!

    Also I would be interested to know if you even work at RBS let alone at Gogarburn or if you just feel the need for a rant because you have to cycle past that lovely campus on your way to your dank office!!!

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