Vote, Don’t Vote?

Posted by chdot on May 3, 2007

“Whoever you vote for the government gets in” is a familiar saying. But if you don’t vote the government still gets in!

In Edinburgh significant changes to the Council are certain. For the first time in Scotland, local authority councillors will be elected by proportional representation. No party will have a majority of seats on City of Edinburgh Council. Labour might remain the largest party, though the firm endorsement by one of its antagonists – the local Evening News – may, perversely, not help it!

The SNP will significantly benefit from PR as it currently has only one seat, though predictions that the party will have more seats than the Tories may not come true. The Greens expect between two and five seats (they currently have none). One or two independents is also a strong possibility as there are a number standing on various local issues and the new wards will elect three or four candidates each.

Generally the parties and candidates and in favour of cycling, some even say they would spend more money. However the Council has failed to appoint a new cycling officer (in spite of having advertised the job twice) and is ‘unable’ to get adequate cycle storage in new secondary schools because the are built with PPP financing. These are not party political issues.

After Friday afternoon’s count, Edinburgh voters will each have three or four councillors (depending on which ward they are in) so they’ll have a choice of who to write to asking for more cycle facilities (and better maintenance of existing ones) to encourage more people to cycle more often.

One Response to “Vote, Don’t Vote?”

  1. Becky said

    The Council still hasn’t found someone suitable for the post? Heavens, either no-one’s interested in a job to do with cycling, or they must have set the bar pretty high.

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