Spokes Lobbies Early

Posted by chdot on May 5, 2007

No doubt the new potential leaders in the Scottish Parliament are being lobbied by all sorts of interest groups. It’s good to see that Scotland’s most successful cycle campaign group is on the case too.

Spokes has written to SNP leader Alex Salmond urging him to adopt the cycle policies of the LibDems and Greens (potential coalition partners.) “… the transport section of your manifesto said nothing at all about cycling, which we imagine was more of an oversight than a deliberate omission.”

Spokes further suggests that the SNP abandons plans to scrap Edinburgh’s proposed trams – unless it does, there can almost certainly be no chance of the Greens (and perhaps the LibDems) being coalition partners. (Though of course there are obstacles other than trams and transport.)

“… a modern tram in a Scottish city, quite apart from the benefit to citizens and visitors from all over Scotland, would be a great demonstration that Scotland is in line with other successful European cities, such as Copenhagen, Freiburg, Strasbourg, etc, in which tram is a critical part of the infrastructure.”

Watch this space….

In addition Spokes has written to Jenny Dawe leader of the Council’s LibDem group (the largest party). Spokes is happy to endorse the cycling proposals in the LibDem manifesto with the exception of – “ensure cyclists use cycle helmets.”

As Spokes points out – “This is a very contentious issue, the evidence on the benefits of helmets for sensible cyclists being extremely equivocal [please see]. Decisions should be left to individuals – any strong campaign by the council on this issue is likely to cause considerable dissension at a time when we wish to encourage more people to use bikes…”

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