Playing in Glasgow

Posted by chdot on May 9, 2007

play in glasgow.jpg
The rivalry between Edinburgh and Glasgow is generally comical and often contrived. But they are two very different cities.

The Glasgow’s Miles Better Campaign of the 80s was highly successful. The east coast eventually responded (unofficially) with Edinburgh’s Slightly Superior. The slogan was merely that – selling a few badges. Edinburgh is often content with its complacency.

The flyer (left PDF) is for a street event organised by people loosely connected with Glasgow Critical Mass.

Sunday’s organisers say – “You are invited to join this independent state and bring to it whatever you would like to see in a brand-new, brand-free civilisation. All your cultural fantasies and progressive dreams welcome. Dress to create the PRP’s traditional costume.

At 2 we will choose our plot and create our independent state. Then at 2.15 we will have an Open Border Ceremony. Bring gates, archways, pot plants and anything with which you would like to create an Open Border.

We will reclaim part of our city: from being a land of commerce it will become a land of interaction and play.

Come and have fun in the Peoples’ Republic of Play!”

Similarly Glasgow’s Critical Masses involve fun, clowns, circuses and (last November) even a Magical Mystery Tour! There’s now a new compilation DVD of some of last year’s CMs.

By contrast Edinburgh’s Critical Masses are a bit douce.

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