Review of Penalties for Drivers Who Kill Cyclists

Posted by chdot on May 10, 2007

critical review.jpg
A recently published research document by Jake Voelcker, (full title – A Critical Review of the Legal Penalties for Drivers Who Kill Cyclists or Pedestrians), concludes that motorists often are treated more leniently than people responsible for deaths in other circumstances.

The author’s abstract concludes with “Unequal class and power relations allow the interests of drivers to be over-represented whilst the rights of pedestrians and cyclists are eroded.”

“Key findings” in the summary include “A disproportionately large number of drivers are middle aged, professional, and male”.

Jake also states something ‘obvious’ but which ought to cause more concern – “Health and Safety regulations would not permit thousands of one-tonne steel and glass machines with exposed moving parts to repeatedly pass feet or inches away from unprotected workers on the shop floor at well over 10m/s. Yet this is exactly the situation in our towns and cities today.”


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