Forestry Goes Local

Posted by chdot on May 11, 2007

FC cyclescheme.jpg
The Forestry Commission has staff throughout Great Britain – from its Corstorphine HQ to some of the more remote and beautiful parts of the countryside.

In recent years it has perhaps become better know for its Forest Trails (“we now have over 2600 kilometres of waymarked cycle trails in our forests, featuring some of the best off road cycling in Britain”), than its timber production. It also (especially in Scotland) has some of the best Mountain Bike courses in the world. Many Edinburgh cyclists have already experienced Glentress.

Now FC staff can acquire bikes using the tax efficient ‘salary sacrifice’ scheme. The Commission has signed up with Cyclescheme, a company started by people with experience of running bike shops. Cyclescheme works with local independent shops as “partners” – there are nine in Edinburgh. Cyclescheme deals with the paperwork and employees get the chance to buy the bike of their dreams from the shop of their choice.As the FC’s Human Resources newsletter says “if your local retailer is not on the list they can register on the website.”

Many large employers – especially ones that operate across many sites – have signed up with the scheme operated by Halfords. It’s good to see a large employer encouraging cycling and being prepared to offer a scheme that gives staff a wider choice of where they can source their new ‘ride to work’ machine.

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  1. […] The Commission (which is headquartered in Corstorphine) is planning Bike Week activities for its staff. They can also buy bikes as a result of the Government’s ’salary sacrifice’ scheme, which the FC was wisely decided not to tie to a particular bike shop or national chain. […]

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