Chris Hoy Gets 500m Record

Posted by chdot on May 13, 2007

Truly Edinburgh’s fastest cyclist, Chris Hoy has just taken the World 500m Record with a time of 24.758s over a second faster (IMPRESSIVE) than Arnaud Duble’s time in the same high altitude Bolivian velodrome in 2001.

This is only a few hours after narrowly missing the 1Km record.

Eyewitness reports –

Brendan Gallagher for The Telegraph. “We occasionally praise and idolize some rum old sporting characters in Britain but it was a rare privilege to see Chris Hoy in action in La Paz this weekend. He is not in it for the money.”

Edinburgh writer Richard Moore’s in The Scotsman. “Hoy mentioned another great Scottish cyclist, Graeme Obree, who famously failed in his first attempt to break the hour record in Hamar, Norway, in 1993, and then got up the next morning and smashed it. ‘I was trying to do an Obree,’ Hoy said, managing a smile.”

Anyone who saw the Graeme Obree biopic last year will know about the incredible recovery that the bodies of ultra fit cyclists can manage. The Flying Scotsman will be shown again next month as part of the Bicycle Film Festival.

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