Which Planet Do You Live On?

Posted by chdot on May 28, 2007

wwf footprint.jpg
Cyclists are generally virtuous, smug even. All the emphasis on ‘Global Warming’/’Climate Change has, to some extent, obscured the concerns about resource use. Even if everyone’s lifestyles produced no ‘Greenhouse Gases’, there’s still the stuff to produce the “Stuff”. Much of it is dug out of the ground – fossil fuels, minerals etc . – processes, by definition, not sustainable.

Now environmental group WWF Scotland has produced a sophisticated on-line calculator. Even its environmentally aware people in the case studies find it hard to get below the ‘need’ for THREE Planets to sustain their lifestyles.

2 Responses to “Which Planet Do You Live On?”

  1. Lee said

    2.72 for me!!!

    Still haven’t got that many planets though, have we. 😦

    This get’s quite difficult if you live in a tenemnet flat. OK, I cycle to work and only get the bus if I’m going shopping – can’t afford to get panniers yet, and 20kg of cat litter on a bike is no joke!

    But as for insulation, growing your own food, etc. it’s a bit limited what you can do. And then there’s the sheer volume of packaging, for meat, veg etc, that supermarkets use that is not recycleable. I do as much as I can in this area, however the one thing I would really like to recycle is food waste, so does anyone know how I could go about doing this in Edinburgh? I know there are the ‘brown bin’ collections, but it’s not very well publicized and I haven’t found any info about it other than that it exists. Anyone know…?


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