Outstanding News from Spokes

Posted by chdot on June 3, 2007

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The latest newsletter from Spokes (available from a bike shop near you, or as a PDF download) leads with the news that, in the recent ‘rush hour’ survey, almost 20% of northbound vehicles in Lothian Road was a bike!

“Bikes are making a major contribution to reducing inner-city congestion in Edinburgh. A traffic count by Spokes on May 15th found a stunning 19.1% of all 8-9am northbound vehicles on Lothian Road to be bicycles – almost one in five of all vehicles! Our count also found that cars – many with just one occupant – were the main cause of congestion, with 509 private northbound cars between 8am and 9am clogging up the 173 buses and commercial vehicles. If half the 161 cyclists drove instead, cars would increase by a further 16%, increasing congestion delays by perhaps 30%. However, if half the existing motorists cycled, Lothian Road would be a paradise, with no delays at all for buses, taxis and commerce.”

The Spokes bulletin also contains the latest on the red surfacing saga. A small (but surprisingly influential) section of the Council wants to remove quite a lot of the red tarmac that cyclists general regard as improving their safety.

“The council has done much to encourage cycling, but sometimes seems reluctant to take proper credit or highlight their achievements. Indeed, sometimes they even seem happy to endanger their own success, as in the continuing threat to coloured surfaces for both cycle and shared bus/cycle lanes – some of which have already been removed (e.g. Causewayside).”

As usual the eight page A5 Spokes publication is packed with a wide range of interesting info about the growth of cycling in and around Edinburgh. Spokes can take the credit for ensuring that cycling has been on the political agenda for almost thirty years.

3 Responses to “Outstanding News from Spokes”

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  2. My pet hate with the new bus and cycle lane paint is that it like a mini rumble strip for cyclists. According to the council it is due to a cut in the cost that it is done the way it is. The older cycle/bus lane paint is a lot better. Unfortunately the underlying surface of that older stuff is now starting to need renewed which is bad news.
    One of the biggest factors of potholes seems to be drains.

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