Cameo Ticket Winners Chosen

Posted by chdot on June 26, 2007

The winners of the competition for Flying Scotsman tickets have been chosen. Competitors had to write a sentence about why keeping the Velodrome is important.

The winners said – “Edinburgh’s velodrome produced Chris Hoy – Olympic Champion, World Champion and Commonwealth Champion, and without it we will never see his like again.” and “Edinburgh should have a velodrome or we will never have another Chris Hoy.”

Which pretty much puts the case, though of course the Velodrome isn’t just there to produce the occasional top athlete. The new(ish) facility in Manchester attracts thousands of local people – particularly young ones. The new velodrome in Glasgow (part of the Commonwealth Games bid) will do the same. Only Edinburgh would consider doing away with a track used for two Games, without replacing it!

The two ticket winners are Fraser Millar and Gerry McLay. Fraser is a contibutor to the Cycling in Edinburgh Flickr group used on this site.

Lynn Morrison of the Cameo says – “thanks very much for having the competition as part of your site. For such a wet week, the Bike Festival certainly has had a high profile and I hope that lots of the cyclists now come and hide undercover and see the film in The Cameo.” (Daily at 1.05, 3.50, 6.25 and 8.55 and late Fri and Sat at 11.35).

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