Le Tour Comes to Town

Posted by chdot on July 4, 2007

flamme bar
Of course The Tour de France starts in London, but in Edinburgh there is the unique chance to watch it on TV – in a bar – surrounded by cycle racing fans.

Flamme Rouge, which is billed as “the UK’s first cycling themed bar”, opens in time for the TdeF at the Hilton in Grosvenor Street. The idea came from the hotel’s general manager Guy Hilton who is a keen mountain biker.

The hotel sponsors Edinburgh RC Cycling Club and had a ‘spare’ bar – so a quick clean and paint and the addition of some suitable cycling memorabilia and it’s transformed into a place where cyclists (not just racers) may wish to hang out.

Initially the hours are –

Saturday 7th July 2pm-9pm
Sunday 8th July 1.30pm-9pm
Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July 6.30pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th July 1.30pm-10pm
Tuesday 17th July to Friday 20th July 6.30pm-10pm
Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd July 1.30pm-10pm
Monday 23rd July 6.30pm-10pm
Wednesday 25th July to Friday 27th July 6.30pm-10pm
Saturday 28th July and Sunday 29th July 2pm-10pm

After that it will depend on ‘public demand’. It will be possible to hire the venue for meetings and launches. As well as satellite TV, there is a DVD and video player for film shows and presentations.

Flyer (PDF)

2 Responses to “Le Tour Comes to Town”

  1. Lee said

    Wehey!!! A cycling themed bar.

    Trouble is I was sat there watching stage 1, beer in hand – all on my bloody tod!

    I take it I don’t smell THAT bad – not after a short ride anyway.

    Credit to the other bloke who turned up with 20km to go to watch the finish.

  2. Darren said

    Good on ya Lee. Looks like we were taking it in shifts. I sat there early afternoon for an hour on my tod, drink in hand. You were lucky though. The staff spent all the time I was there looking for the right channel on the TV! When they presented me with a blue screen to look at for 10 minutes I’m afraid it was too much and had to walk out.
    It is a shame I love watching Le Tour, totally inspiring stuff.

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