Flying to Fife

Posted by chdot on July 16, 2007

Not a great start to the two week trial of the Porty to Kirkcaldy Hovercraft route. Too misty to see Fife from Edinburgh. At least it’s not windy.

WARNING – Might be busy.

Some years ago there was a Burntisland to Granton ferry. Great on a summer Sunday, but didn’t attract enough commuters to be viable. The Hovercraft will have “capacity for around a dozen bikes” (FREE), but won’t be running (in the trial at least) on Sundays.

Fife has a fine selection of Cycle Routes and quiet roads, so a regular crossing should be popular for day trippers and tourists, and there ought to be enough commuters to sustain the route.

Napier University’s Transport Research Institute (TRi) is doing work to evaluate the trial and is looking for comments.

One Response to “Flying to Fife”

  1. Finally the information I’ve been looking for! It’s a real shame that the First site at: doesn’t give the information on bike transport on the hovercraft.

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