Conference Outline Announced

Posted by chdot on July 18, 2007

CS conference
Provisional details of the Cycling Scotland Annual Conference have been released.

“CYCLING A simple solution to complex problems” is the straightforward tag. Familiar topics of integrated transport, climate change and health will be covered. In addition two sessions relating to tourism are planned. Both ‘traditional’ cycle touring and Scotland’s new place as a World class MTB trails ‘destination’ will be covered.

The only confirmed speakers are Scotland’s Transport Minister (Stewart Stevenson) and Cycling Scotland’s Chief Executive (Erl Wilkie).

The event is on Tuesday the 13th of November in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. Full fee is £140 with 50 places at £80 for “cycle campaign groups, voluntary organisations and academics”.

(More info – PDF)

One Response to “Conference Outline Announced”

  1. Lee said

    There’s not going to be many people at £140 a throw for just one day. If the idea is to get more people involved, interested and informed about cycling, shouldn’t the Executive be footing most of the bill for this?

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