Cycling Officer Job Advertised AGAIN

Posted by chdot on July 27, 2007

Third time lucky? It’s almost a year since City of Edinburgh Council‘s Cycling Officer, Matthew Simpson, moved to a different job within the City Development Department. Since then the crucial post has been advertised twice, shortlists drawn up, people interviewed and even offered the job. The successful candidates decided not to work in Edinburgh.

Unfortunately it’s probably been the worst time for Edinburgh to be without someone “responsible for developing and implementing cycling and walking policies and projects”. In May there was a change of political control in Edinburgh (and at Holyrood).

As Ian Maxwell of Spokes says “The attitude of the newly elected Liberal/SNP coalition running the council is yet to be clarified – positive but needs pushed into taking proactive steps to favour cycling.”

The final go ahead for the trams and news of the imminent disruption that construction will cause means that not only are more people likely to consider cycling but also that the Council should be facilitating and encouraging this.

The job description says applicants “must be educated to HND level in Civil Engineering, Planning or Transportation related fields”, though it’s believed that the Council may be prepared to be flexible about paper qualifications if an applicant has other strong qualities.

One Response to “Cycling Officer Job Advertised AGAIN”

  1. Becky said

    CEC didn’t want someone with a Masters in mechanical eng, environmental management background and 20 years experience of riding in Edinburgh. I hope they find someone soon though, because the tram project will walk all over cycling provisions if they’re not careful. 😦

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