Edinburgh Core Paths (Draft) Plan – Have YOUR Say

Posted by chdot on October 1, 2007

core paths edinburgh image
The Core Paths plan process is heading towards completion. From today, until the end of the year, you can comment in the statutory consultation stage.

Councils throughout Scotland have a legal responsibility to identify key (Core) paths in their area, which are used by walkers, cyclists, horse riders etc. The idea is that as well as being safeguarded (most are already likely to be Rights of Way), they will be promoted, maintained (better in some cases), improved and added to.

In Edinburgh the consultation, so far, has involved council officials, external consultants, ‘interest groups’ and ‘ordinary’ members of the public. The result is an impressive document with over 50 pages of information and maps (overview map 4.2MB PDF).

It can all be viewed on-line, (though there are a lot of large PDFs), and the Council’s new HQ in Market Street plus the City’s libraries.

With all the scrutiny that has gone into the process it’s unlikely that any paths have been missed, though there has been plenty of discussion about the difference between a ‘core’ path and a local path.

Project Manager Samantha Oxley says: “Now the Draft Plan is available we would very much like to have your input, feedback and comments prior to its finalisation and adoption by the Council.”

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