Danish Blue Beats Edinburgh Red

Posted by chdot on October 15, 2007

copenhagen blue cycle lane painting
Photo by Aaron Bateman – from Cycleliciousness

While City of Edinburgh Council vacillates about whether or not to paint cycle lanes in the City’s World Heritage centre red, Copenhagen just gets on with the job.

Perhaps campaigners Spokes should suggest that the city centre might embrace the idea of the correct Saltire shade for cycle lanes down The Mound and along Princes Street.

In the absence of a final decision about surface colour (apparently it’s out of keeping with the historic Old and New Towns – but the traffic isn’t), perhaps the Council could at least renew some of the fast fading Advance Stop Line boxes to show that it actually wants to encourage cycling.

The photo is taken from a blog – “With this blog we hope to bring Copenhagen Bicycle Culture to the world. In city councils around the world they speak of ‘Copenhagenizing’ their streets to accomodate bikes. Here in the Danish capital, it’s just a way of life, as the photos and blog entries will highlight.”

There’s a link to one half of the 36% of the population estimated to cycle each day. Not many helmets in sight, quite common in cities with high cycle use. More cyclists = safer cycling.

2 Responses to “Danish Blue Beats Edinburgh Red”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    oh, this is neat. I like the color, but do they have a special non-slip paint? I imagine so…The realistic orange Action Figures With Shovel, do they come with batteries?

  2. Lee said

    After just over a year here, I seem to have taken on the cynicism of most Edinburgh cyclists: how could the council possibly consider something so simple, economically sound and, above all, easy?

    The council should read the EWH report section 5, here:

    And their own transport strategy from page 55 onwards, here:

    And then perhaps the planners should be made to cycle through areas prior to giving consent for the ill-though-out plans they would normally approve.

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