“Couldn’t be a Bicyclist in Edinburgh”

Posted by chdot on October 17, 2007

Kirsty Allsopp
Well that’s the verdict of Kirstie Allsopp – live on Channel 4 – after announcing that Edinburgh is this year’s winner of the “Location, Location, Location Best and Worst Places to Live in the UK“.

Her reason – it’s “hilly”. The short film showing some of the highlights of Edinburgh – The Grassmarket, Chambers Street Musuems, Edinburgh College of Art, Morningside etc. managed to miss ALL the cyclists on Edinburgh’s streets!

For a programme that’s very much about ‘quality of life’ it’s a shame cycling didn’t get a mention. Maybe it’ll be taken into account when Edinburgh wins again next year.

Perhaps Kirstie (or at least Phil) will be given a chance to experience a bike tour of the city before then…

STOP PRESS: Kirstie is now working for David Cameron looking into “how buying and selling a home could be made easier” – Observer story. Maybe he’ll teach her how to cycle in cities (with or without a following car).

2 Responses to ““Couldn’t be a Bicyclist in Edinburgh””

  1. jacquiephelan said

    OK Kirstie
    You just won a FREE afternoon at the Fat Tire Finishing School™. I will teach a fun lesson on why Hills Are Whaat Make Edinburgh Special.
    And you will love it. Make friends with a hill. Life routes us up and over them now & then.
    To redeem your free lesson, simply a) come to San Francisco any time, I’ll work with you on some real hills.
    Or, fly me out for a private lesson, and bring your best friend too.
    Any time.

    Old wombat

  2. Hills aren’t a problem once you get used to them.

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