Vandals Take Toll on Counters

Posted by chdot on October 22, 2007

At least two of the recently installed cycle counters have been toppled. Seventeen were paid for with money from SEStran.

Estimating the number of people who cycle is a far from exact science. Most traffic surveys are done on-road. A simple count by Spokes earlier this year proved that significant numbers of people are cycling to work in the centre of town.

More comprehensive data is needed to give a better idea of the number of people cycling on the North Edinburgh Path Network, Union Canal, the former Corstorphine branch between Carrick Knowe Golf Course and Pinkhill (pictured) etc. which might help to get more resources for cycling.

Unfortunately whoever installed the cycle counters (around £50,000 worth) didn’t do a good job, they are rather easy to push over. Another one near Boswall Drive is also out of use. Putting a large lump of metal on the end of a pole in a small hole isn’t sensible.

UPDATE 6.11.07

Thanks for letting me know. These two counters are being fixed this week. If you or anyone on the Cycling Edinburgh network spots any more problems with vandalism affecting the operation of cycle counters, please forward the details to and copy the email to myself.

Many thanks,

One Response to “Vandals Take Toll on Counters”

  1. Graham Erskine said

    Yes, as a daily user of the path in question, I wondered how long it would take the local neds to wreck the counters.I think that they excelled in this case by taking only about one day! I think tank-proof and bomb proof boxes would be needed.I also noticed that one on the Bonnyrigg to Penicuick path at Bonnyrigg is in the same state.Remamber how long the angled information boards lasted on the Roseburn to Crewr Toll stretch lasted before being burned/defaced?-(about two weeks)It’s a shame that such installations appear to be a big waste of money thanks to the bottle-smashing vandals.

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