OpenStreetMap Event in Edinburgh

Posted by chdot on November 6, 2007

Most cyclists make use of maps sometimes. There will be a new edition of the Spokes’ Edinburgh Map in a couple of weeks. This of course is the paper version – handy, portable, familiar, but fixed. In the on-line/digital world things continue to develop – especially where Google is involved.

Google Maps have had a high resolution aerial view of Edinburgh since last December. This means it’s now possible to see cycle routes and small paths, which, unfortunately (so far) are not in Google’s database of roads. This year Google Maps added the facility for (easily) adding personalised routes and points of interest – and then sharing them.

Parallel to this there are people developing new maps, from scratch, which sidestep some copyright issues by using a Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution licence. Next week (WEDNESDAY 14/11/2007, 6.30 pm) there is a talk titled Around the World in 80 Clicks (Legal and IT aspects of geospatial data) (details).

Today Google announced a major move into mobile phone software – just days before the UK launch of Apple’s iPhone, which already has Google Maps as one of its selling points.

Exciting times ahead; making it easier for people to find out where to cycle – for leisure or a more pleasant route to work. In addition it will soon be possible to get BusTracker information on the web (and therefore mobiles), making it easier to find out about alternatives to car use.

One Response to “OpenStreetMap Event in Edinburgh”

  1. Check out the openstreetmap map at
    or better the cycle specific one at

    Plus come along to my talk details above for more…


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