‘Cycling – blessing or curse?’

Posted by chdot on November 12, 2007

That’s the thought provoking title of the next Public Meeting of Merchiston Community Council. Tuesday 20th November 2007 at 7.00pm. Polwarth Parish Church Hall 36-38 Polwarth Terrace (map) (In small hall to rear of building accessed round west side of church).


Could be an interesting meeting. No doubt there will be complaints about a few people cycling on pavements and perhaps even more about inconsiderate cyclists on the canal towpath (behind the church). Perhaps Spokes will be there to tell MCC about its recently launched “Polite Cycling” campaign – and hand out it’s new reflective trouser bands.

9 Responses to “‘Cycling – blessing or curse?’”

  1. Becky said

    Perhaps it’s my cynicism from reading the Evening News, but with its stark “x” or “y” I can’t help but feel it’s a loaded and biased question. It could be an interesting meeting.

  2. Lee said

    From the general attitude on both sides of the camp, Merchiston Community Council had better make sure the police are in attendance – not just to keep order but also to take a bit of the flack for not doing enough to sort out bad motoring/cycling.

  3. jacquiephelan said

    We have had those polar headlines for two decades. Neatly sorts out the hysterics from the boring ol’ majority of people, both riders and drivers , on the road just Getting There In Their Chosen Mode.
    By having a war
    you boost sales of the newspaper
    blood pressure of the reader
    drug sales to Pfizer , Roche, whomever makes blood pressure meds
    Since money making’s the goal
    “everybody wins”
    Please take notes at the Chewsday mtg.
    All the best from a tired cynic

  4. Kirsten said

    I can’t go to the meeting, unfortunately. If anyone else is going and the talk turns to the canal, could somebody please raise the fact that that stretch of the canal is completely unlit and therefore pitch black at night? I use it every day, and even though my bike is lit up like a Christmas tree and I have powerful lights, it’s still very difficult to see pedestrians in their dark coats – I’ve nearly hit several people.

  5. Becky said

    Did anyone here get to go? Strictly speaking Merchiston CC isn’t my area (I’m further south) and I wasn’t well enough to attend anyway. I wasn’t well enough to attend the Spokes meeting either. 😦

  6. Kirsten said

    No. I’ve asked on the Spokes forum what happened at the meeting, but nobody’s replied. 😦

  7. ColinH said

    With reference to Kirsten’s comments of Nov 17 re cycling in the darkness on the canal towpath. I would recommend you access the British Waterways website and download a permit for cycling on their canal towpaths. One of the rules on the permit is that cycling is only only permitted during daylight hours therefore cyclists during darkness is in breach of your permit.

  8. chdot said


    Cycling Permits No Longer Required for Scottish Canals

    Also worth a read

    London’s Towpath Code of Conduct

  9. John aAnderson said

    Why on earth are pedal cyclists ignoring the signs on Portobello Promenade informing them that cycling on the Promenade is strictly forbidden? NO wheeled vehicles are allowed except those for loading/unloading, and Council vehicles going about the business of keeping the beaches clean.
    My wife and my daughter are disabled and if either of them are injured then I will sue the council and the cyclist concerned. Make no mistake about that.

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