New Cramond Bridge Closer

Posted by chdot on November 12, 2007

proposed bridge at Cramond
It used to be possible to take a small ferry from near the mouth of the Almond across to the Dalmeny Estate. It was then possible to walk (no bikes on boat) around the estate and return or travel on to South Queensferry and come back by bus, or train from Dalmeny.

Now, seven years on, SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) – with the help of JMP Consulting – has drawn up plans for a bridge, slightly upstream. This would take bikes and be a significant link in the proposed NCN Round the Forth and North Sea Cycle Routes.

“SEStran wants to hear your views about a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the River Almond. We emphasise that no decision has yet been taken whether to build a new bridge or not and we want to hear local people’s views before that decision is made.”

It’s presumed that most people will think it’s a good idea, but the more that say so, the more likely it is to happen.

“They and the consultation team (from JMP Consulting) are therefore holding a ‘surgery’ session at which you can come along and discuss any issue relating to the bridge in detail, face-to-face with the design team. Staff will be on hand for the surgery at Cramond Kirk Halls (Millennium Room – map) on Thursday 22 November between 4.00pm and 7.30pm. If you cannot attend the surgery but would like to tell us your views, please put them in writing and e-mail to: or by post to: Cramond Consultation, JMP Consulting, CBC House, 24 Canning Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EG – by Wednesday 28 November.

More info (PDF leaflet)

14 Responses to “New Cramond Bridge Closer”

  1. Sam Hawkins said

    That would be great! I love cyling along the seafront at Crammond, but the trek up the river, up steps, onto the main road, and back down again to get across a few metres of water is a real pain. The bridge will make this a beautiful summer evening cycle.

  2. Tom Sleigh said

    A bridge in this position would be wonderful. As small boys, many years ago, we spent many happy Sunday afternoons taking the Corporation bus to Cramond, crossing on the ferry (cost sixpence), walking to Queensferry and getting the SMT bus home. A new crossing would be great for both walkers and cyclists.

  3. Matthew D said

    Yes, that would be a great move. I used to live in South Queensferry, and it was so disappointing to cycle along the Forth and get so close, yet so far from Cramond! The route between the two is a great walk / cycle ride, and interesting too – how many people have seen the Roman eagle carved into the rock, just a few hundred yards from Cramond?

  4. My wife and I took the bus to South Queensferry and walked into the Dalneny Estatate,where we saw some lovely views of the Forth Estuary,and wildlife. The unfortunate thing was we had to retrace our footsteps back to get the bus home to Edinburgh.It would have made it so much easier if there had been a bridge and it would also make it easy for commuters cycling to work from across the Forth or South Queensferry area

  5. Tim Burns said

    This sounds a fantastic idea! It creates possibilities of rerouting NCN 1 away from the A90 (for a bit anyway), which is a horrible and unpleasant section. this sounds like it would be wonderful to ride and a great addition not only to the cycle network n Edinburgh, but also Scotland.

    I’m all for it!

  6. Gordon McConnachie said

    A bridge would would restore a link which has been missing for far too long since the ferries demise. And one day hopefully we will have a pathway from Cramond along the Forth to Bo’ness (at least)!

  7. J Clarkson said

    This is a great idea. The Dutch have a saying that; ‘the quickest route between two points is not necessarily the shortest, but the most beautiful’. On this basis, the coastal path from Cramond to South Queensferry is by far the quickest. (Perhaps keep this to ourselves though – we don’t want everyone to turn up!)

    It gets my vote. Best of luck….


  8. Steve Morton said

    “A bridge too far”!! As an avid cyclist/walker/climber the backing of this proposal appears more of a self preservation crusade and somewhat selfish. At no point are we considering the detrement this brdge could bring to wildlife/livestock and game, aside from the historic value of the Roman site on the Dalmeny side of the proposed position.
    Yes we now have extended rights to roam but with these rights comes responsibilies namely ,respect for the land,everthing within,and to assist in any manner possible mamintaining these pockets of beauty for years to come.Where else can you watch Deer roaming naturally, be surrounded by Grouse, and in most instances , enjoy the surroundings in solitude a mere stones throw away from the city’s boundaries??Pls allow me 2 further minutes to explain:
    J clarkson no 7…contradicts in length of route but I do agree “we dont want everyone to turn up”
    Gordon Mc no 6…”restore a link”…for who exactly.How many people used that link regularly, besides the ferry did not carry bikes.
    Tim Burns no 5…the shore walk is open nearly every day,you should try it!It may take you a little of the NCN 1 but the beauty is sufficient reward.
    Colin Fraser no 4…All buses stop at the Cramond Brig,from eagle rock to nearest Cramond bus stop is greater in distance with proposed bridge
    Matthew D no 3…with respect , who rode some 4 miles and then back but considered the additional 2 miles( 20mins )unworthy. Eagle rock, yes veiwed on a weekly basis Matthew but unfortunatley most of the time it was littered with human faeces( how do I know them to be human? Bambi doesn’t use Andrex!)
    Tom Sleigh no 2…did same as small boy but Tom these days many boys come with air rifles/knives/buckfast and drugs, the neccesity of effort to reach the estate’s beauty points thankfully deters anyone but “bonafide” walkers/cyclists.
    Sam Hawkins no 1…Sorry are you of Dutch origin?? I really can’t recall a single bikeride/walk or climb that did not entail some pain of a hill to contest, part of the challenge even sense of acheivement don’t you agree?

    Please consider the funding required and how this would be put to a far better use financing direct action trusts for the disabled/elderly? For every 100k spent on this project we could fund 1 day ambulance and driver, 2 full time qualified assistants and daily excursions for a year without relocating the Deer to Granton ( as that’s where they’ll end up )!
    But HEY…we’re outdoors people, who cares about history and the environment , just as long as we all have a great day,shorter walks and cycles…sure it’ll last as long as we live!
    Pls send your comments in writting if possible to Walter Smyth, JMP Consulting, Centrum House,38 Queen St, G1 3DX
    Cycling Edin , it is you’re duty to post pro as well as anti, SM

  9. chdot said

    “Cycling Edin , it is you’re duty to post pro as well as anti”

    Not sure whether that implies that somehow posts such as yours have been moderated out.

    If so, I can assure you that only spam (on the rare occasions that it gets through) is deleted.

    If, however you think that “It’s presumed that most people will think it’s a good idea, but the more that say so, the more likely it is to happen.” has somehow frightened off people like you from commenting and is too one sided, I can only say that when I wrote it I believed it to be fair comment – and still do.

    You are right to point out the implications of a development such as this. Any development has potential risks, and, inevitably, unforeseen consequences.

    If the bridge is built I am sure there will be people who abuse the opportunities created, just as there are people who cycle inconsiderately along (for instance) the canal. Should this have been left as a neglected resource or is its new popularity (complete with conflicts), on balance, beneficial?

  10. brian mclean said

    Interesting comments,have tried to consider as devils advocat could be both parties “pro and anti” have a slight bias.
    Doubt greatly any funding that would be set aside for the bridge would ever find its way to worthwhile charities SM.

    However if we are knowingly supporting a project that will result in abuse of the oppertunity ,possibly far beyond inconsiderate cycling, then we are being selfish, simple!

    The current route down the riverside is a very enjoyable and highly used route, therefore not a “neglected resource”.


  11. We used to enjoy this walk. We’d get the bus from Queensferry to Crammond and walk back. Cycling even better. The paths on the estate have been improved and the Rosebery family have said that they welcome “responsible” visitors. Our local green group, CleanFerry, arranges to go on the Estate once or twice a year an clean up the litter. I’m sure we could stir up such activities at the Cramond end. We all deserve to enjoy this glorious walk.

  12. Steve Morton said

    Joyce, with greatest respect,I am in recipt of the formal reply from The estate to JMP and they strongly OPPOSE the bridge being built BUT DO SUPPORT A RE-INTRODUCTION OF THE FERRY …WITH BIKE CAPABILTY. In fact I was alerted to the bridge proposal by Lady Rosebury personally in a chance meeting on the shore walk Sunday and being in total agreement have since voiced my own concerns.
    You are of course correct in that the estate welcome “responsible” visitors but do fear the majority traffic will not act in such a manner and the scenario at Hound Point that necessitates the assistance of Cleanferry ( a body who should be complimented and commended) will be paralled at the Cramond end.
    For all to know I myself am lucky to currently reside at cobble cottage so believe I can speak through first hand experience. Yes the security of my own and other tenants homes will be comprimised but more importantly this pocket of beauty easily accesible to genuine walkers/cyclists ( 1 bus to the Brig bar rather than 2 buses+ Cramond )should be preserved.
    If by, our own addmission, we will court litter meltdown and detrement to wildlife in our quest for shaving 20 mins of a route,then where will it stop!

    Webmaster, when you’re finished with this topic possibly consider raising campaign for escalators over the devils staircase,Glencoe 🙂
    Notwithstanding our discussion, anyone who finds themselves in need of water/mechanical assistance or even just a cup of tea, pls feel free to knock on the door!!Thank you for considering my points.

  13. Nikki MacLeod said

    This is a fabulously beautiful route rich in wildlife and now fairly quiet presumably due to the missing ferry. I share the estate’s concerns about litter and other poor behaviour but I’d personally be strongly in favour of such a bridge and feel that the council are really obliged to provide one as part of the Round the Forth and North Sea networks, (along with getting their finger out together with Forth Ports to find a way through Leith Docks. Reintroduction of the ferry would be an acceptable compromise but only if the boat was big enough to take a few bikes and was an all year round service which might not appeal to the boat skippers. The steps on the River Almond pathway make it unsuitable for family outings with small children so they are generally prevented from experiencing the beauty and wildlife of the coastal route to Queensferry. I’d really like to know how this idea is progressing as this thread is a couple of years old now.

  14. HI,
    I live in Cockle Mill overlooking the weir on school brae
    I run a cafe shop and B&B
    Its a beautiful place to live
    Living on the cycle path many cyclists pass my door and comment how the stairs are too much for them
    I have found the majority of people who walk and cycle past are really responsible
    Its a shame the fear of what might happen spoils it for everyone else
    Where there problems when the ferry was in operation ?
    I didnt live here then so I dont know
    can anyone comment on that ?
    Your all welcome to come and admire the view and the sound of the weir from the cafe.

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