Have You Had Your Bike Stolen Recently?

Posted by chdot on December 13, 2007

If so there is a reasonable chance that it’s waiting for you in the Police Lost Property at Fettes (map).

Normally this is only open during weekday office hours. On Monday night (December 17th), between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, there is a special chance to look and see if your bike has been recovered.

A police spokeswoman says: “We hope this event will assist in solving a number of bicycle theft enquiries and help us return some of this property to its rightful owner.” (L&B Press Release).

If you haven’t had you bike pinched it might be worth adding a photo and details to the My Bicycle in Edinburgh Flickr group. IF it’s ever stolen you will have a photo and details of it instantly available (keep the frame number safe, somewhere else).

Of course you can reduce the chance of theft by being careful where you leave your valuable means of transport.

DO lock it something solid (cast iron banisters in tenements don’t count).

DO use a decent lock – 10 – 20% of the value of the bike is a useful guide.

More than one lock is thought to be a significant deterrent – a cable to tie the wheels is wise.

2 Responses to “Have You Had Your Bike Stolen Recently?”

  1. Rich said


    I am trying to find more information on the lost property department of the police station. It is now February 2008 and it’s been long since the Dec 17 bike showing, and my bike got stolen tonight. How might I now view if a bike got stolen, or report it to them? Thanks.


  2. chdot said

    as far as I know, it’s open 9-5 weekdays

    you could add details here

    and/or here

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