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Posted by chdot on December 15, 2007

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The talking in Bali is over. The American Government, having been isolated by all others, finally agreed to remain part of the ‘Climate Change process’: (BBC story).

The next major meeting will be in Europe, in Denmark, in Copenhagen, in 2009.

There is increasing realisation that there is no ‘business as usual’ option. In today’s edition of The Times – once the UK’s ‘establishment’ newspaper, former Conservative M.P. Matthew Parris has a column headed “Please force us to go green“.

Things are changing. They have to change. Whether it will be fast enough to avoid some of the most pessimistic predictions remains to be seen.

Two years for talks about talks may be too long in the face of increasing suggestions that the world only has ten years to start making significant reductions in climate changing emissions. But fortunately it’s not just about waiting for Governments to do things – though it would help if some of them set better examples.

Cycling more and driving less is a tiny step that many individuals could take. Selling the car and joining the City Car Club is an option for some.

Of course the fact that the next conference is in Copenhagen will help concentrate minds. It is probably the best known example of a city taking cycling seriously. The council there has been gradually and significantly improving facilities for nearly thirty years – the results are clear. Keep up with some of the results on the excellent and inspirational Cycleliciousness blog.

In Edinburgh unfortunately the council still isn’t quite so cycle minded, though, at last, it has a new Cycling Officer. One of his first jobs is to write the council’s Cycle Strategy. At least there are people in the city who have recently embarked on the Transition City voyage. Perhaps 2009 will be a useful deadline for showing some of the things Edinburgh and its inhabitants can do to make the city less ‘carbon dependent’.

 Road to Copenhagen 2009


3 Responses to “Kyoto Bali Copenhagen”

  1. jacquiephelan said

    been (indirectly) watching the Bali climate meeting with chagrin turning to despair, as Bush & co drag their feet and then put a stick in the spokes of the movement to reduce emissions.
    I can only say ‘sorry, world’
    like so many others in our country
    who are doing their non-political-enough ‘best’
    to….not drive;
    not shop
    not give up hope

  2. Muz said

    Interesting indeed, but it is still a long way from getting people out of their cars and their complacency for the greater good. And then of course there’s the air travel issue…

    Still, I had a rather alarming, but interesting conversation with the sustainability expert within a major corporate at lunch the other day. He put the debate in bald terms, the likes of which I don’t believe I’ve heard before. His take on it was that if we continue as we are, man will be extinct within three generations. In effect any grandchildren of mine would be the last of mankind! Quite a scary thought when expressed in such uncompromising human terms.

    This bloke reckoned the only way he would permit himself a glimmer of optimism would be if there is a 40% reduction in the emissions in the air by 2020. That’s not talking about aspirational targets or the like – that’s a cold hard cut on where we are today.

  3. David said

    Cycleliciousness gets into this months CityCycling.
    As do a couple of excellent pics of kids on an 8Freight in Edinburgh.

    Due to circumstance beyond his control Anth has had to hide this months issue in a remote corner of the web at

    Some legal stuff going on behind the scenes…

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