Try Your Christmas Bike in the Park

Posted by chdot on December 20, 2007


A simple Christmas present from Historic Scotland is the chance to cycle in car-free Holyrood Park. Roads are already closed every Sunday but the seasonal addition of next Tuesday and Wednesday is a bonus. As the press release says:

“Holyrood Park is one of the most popular places for children to try out new bikes, roller skates and other Christmas gifts.

To help make sure families can enjoy these pleasurable moments without having to worry about cars, there will be traffic restrictions on 25 and 26 December.

And we all know that kids can be a wee bit wobbly on a new bike, so it’s great that there’s somewhere they can go where families don’t have to worry about the traffic.”

Meanwhile in Bogotá “over 70 miles of city streets are closed to traffic” every Sunday. This brings out thousands of walker, skaters and cyclists. In addition there are organised aerobics sessions.

Imagine even 7 miles being closed in Edinburgh every week – or Holyrood Park as a no through road every day, not just for Christmas….

2 Responses to “Try Your Christmas Bike in the Park”

  1. David said

    Will be good. One day they’ll have the courage to close the hill road too! And maybe one day the park will have no traffic and become a park again.
    The fact that they haven’t so far shows the power of the ‘car lobby’ in our wee city.
    Arthur’s Seat (the hill path) is eroding. Cut the traffic to half way up and we’ll cut path errosion (repaired using a helicopter last year).

    Meanwhile back on the ground, CityCycling Issue 30 continues at:

  2. […] This year the UK wide Week is being organised by a different company from the one responsible for recent Bike Weeks, so some aspects will be done differently. The new firm organised the London Freewheel where “more than 38,000 bikes descended on the city’s streets”. Imagine a good fraction of that in Edinburgh! Of course it helped that 14km of London’s streets were closed to motor vehicles. (Bogota manages 70 miles EVERY Sunday) […]

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