Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan for E

Posted by chdot on December 31, 2007

From the draft

“For more than 30 years bicycling has been an important part of our community. With the help of energetic bicycling advocates and a supportive City Council, bicycling has become part of E’s great lifestyle.

Bicycling is fun and convenient due to a well-coordinated system of bikeways in E. The system includes 30 miles of off-street paths, 89 miles of on-street bicycle lanes.

We encourage everyone, residents and visitors, to try bicycling in and around E.”

Of course that “E” is not Edinburgh; it’s Eugene (Oregon) which describes itself as “The World’s Greatest City of the Arts & Outdoors”. Perhaps Edinburgh only matches this in August and at Hogmanay!-

Part of Edinburgh’s new Cycling Officer‘s job, is to produce a cycle plan for Edinburgh. The process in Eugene involved significant public consultation –

“What began in the fall of 2006 with the Walking and Biking Summit has steadily evolved into a full-fledged strategic plan to achieve the vision of making Eugene a leader in support of pedestrians and cyclists. City staff developed this strategic plan using a dynamic community and stakeholder engagement process with guidance from a 12-member citizen led Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC).”

A similar process has been undertaken in Edinburgh as part of its Core Paths process.

The result is an impressive 30 page document, (prepared for the City of Eugene’s Department of Public Works by the Community Planning Workshop at the University of Oregon), with a wide range of proposals rated with priorities and ‘resource requirements’ (though no actual costings).

As Spokes pointed out in its recent Spokesworker “The Lib Dem manifesto promised to make Edinburgh a Model Cycle-Friendly (and Walk-Friendly) City. The manifesto also promised a number of specifics on cycling [see Spokes Bulletin 97, page 5] but it didn’t explain what a model cycle-friendly city is!!

So far, the new council seems to be following the pattern of the previous council, doing a fair bit for cyclists, but nothing really outstanding that could possibly live up to the promise of a Model Cycle-Friendly City.”

Perhaps an example set on the west coast of America will help.

The final draft of the plan will be released at the 2008 Eugene Walking and Biking Summit on January 26, 2008

6 Responses to “Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan for E”

  1. Thanks, Chris, for making that link to north American best practice. I’d guess there are other cities in the US and possibly Australia/New Zealand where we could find clear inspiration for a definitive Cycling and Walking Strategy for Edinburgh. Hope you have time to pull them together and share with CEC’s new Cycling Officer.

    What appears to me to be necessary is for our elected Councillors to request a report from the Acting Director of City Development on the implications of a doubling of capital AND revenue funding for Cycling and Walking from the ?3% to at least 6% and what the means of delivering this would be.

    This would of course necessitate at least a 3% reduction in spending on highways / vehicular transport support; BUT, until that report is requested and the current CEC administration CHANGES PRIORITIES we shall be stuck with a legacy of New Labour-style posturing and promising while delivering very little on the tangible changes required to move us towards a lower carbon urban and regional transportation system fit for the 21st Century.

    Can I urge anyone reading this to contact their Councillors (you have several – check out to ask them to start the move towards changed cash priorities.
    All the best for 2008. David

  2. True Heitz said

    greetings from west coast Calif
    Thanks for all the hard work
    all goes well in Marin
    t h
    tory stellar

  3. DdF said

    The place in the US that I keep hearing about for sustainable transport (incl. cycling) is Portland, Oregon.

    And not only can bikes use Portland’s ordinary modern MAX tram (as is normal in many US modern tram systems) but Portland’s new Ariel Tram also prides itself on carrying bikes!!

    Edinburgh’s oh-so-cautious political leaders and living-in-the-past tram operator TEL are so frustrating!! Please follow David Somervell’s urging in comment (1) above.

  4. chdot said

    DdF is right about Portland

  5. Dear Fellow Cyclists!

    It pleases me greatly that the land of my ancestors takes interest in the city and state where I work for Bicycling! It may interest you to examine these sources as well (for interest in Oregon Cycling, Eugene and Portland)

    Jim Kennedy
    UO Bike Coordinator

    and finally…


  6. as the board won’t allow for Embed Tags…

    you can find the missing links from above, here-

    Return of the Scorcher:

    We Are Traffic:

    Bike Links 1 & 2:

    Oregon Bike Laws


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