Something You Don’t Want to See

Posted by chdot on January 4, 2008

A bike and rider lying on the road near The Meadows.

A concerned group of people surrounding: Two blocking the traffic, a taxi driver providing a first aid box and a blanket, a passing nurse administering the first aid, someone on a mobile to the ambulance service.

Mud? Ice? Slush? Another vehicle.


Eye witness reports of a loaded carrier bag swaying and straying into the front wheel’s spokes. Followed by a head-first somersault.

Traffic diverter says “My son carries things like that all the time”.

Ambulance arrives. The wounded walks, slowly.

3 Responses to “Something You Don’t Want to See”

  1. Yeah that is one of my fears when taking my shopping home, or taking the recycling away. Maybe it is time to think about investing in a set of panniers and a trailer. (If only I could afford them 😉 )

  2. jacquiephelan said

    Here goes. My Dec 31 (I know that you have a special word for this, right? Hogmanay?) 2006. Fine day for a ride. See olives scattered all over ground. Seek, then ‘borrow’ recycling bucket a hundred yards up the street, and head back for olive tree as bucket bounces merrily off the front wheel. No biggie..
    Yes, I’m holding the bucket’s handle against the left handlebar …and yes, that funny grrrrrrr sound.. it does get entrained, the lip of the plastic wedges right in there behind the fork and
    I’m aspho-planing along (one mile an hour) in a push-up pose.
    “YOU DIDN”T SEE THAT” I admonish a shocked bystander (i was up as fast as I fell).
    Quick self-check. Only my chin hurts…no blood.
    Behind me ten feet, my bike’s in a heap in the middle of the deserted suburban street.
    Misaligned bars, easy to straighten. Unhappy derailleur, gonna have to limp that home.
    Report to olive tree ashamed of myself, then allow self to dissolve…where it’s safe to do so.
    Chin has a tiny layer of skin taken off, no blood appearing til I’m home (and did I mention I put the bucket back after hauling 20 pounds, no I didn’t just give up borrowing the damn thing, given what I’d paid in skin..
    At that evening’s party, the bandaid (plaster?) had the words “Pilot Error” printed in black marker across my chin.

  3. […] 5, 2008 by marystewart This account of an injured cyclist in edinburgh – thrown off their bike when their shopping bags swayed on the […]

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