Bike Activist Top “Green Hero”

Posted by chdot on January 6, 2008

Not someone from Spokes (though a few deserve the title for thirty years of campaigning in Edinburgh). No-one from the UK either – perhaps not too surprising. It’s not even anyone from Europe.

Yesterday’s Guardian WEEKEND supplement has “50 people who could save the planet“. An interesting collection of inspiring people – some well known, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ken Livingstone, but also others who are far from household names – such the 12 year old Indian boy Madhav Subrmanian.

The cyclist is American, and not from any of the cities regarded as ‘cycle friendly’. She’s Monica Howe, outreach coordinator for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition – where freeways sprawl and, in some places, pedestrians are assumed to be up to no good!

The Los Angeles Times quotes her saying “I guess I’m an activist by default”. C.I.C.L.E. says “Monica Howe sees herself as the voice of a two-wheeled future, dedicated to the notion that an urban bicycle culture will make this a better place to live.”

Meanwhile in Edinburgh today, the second meeting about the plans for a Transition City took place in the City Chambers. Around 50 people met to talk about energy, food, transport etc. and plan for the transition to a world where Climate Change and the aftermath of Peak Oil will have significant consequences.

An “urban bicycle culture” is surely part of the solution…

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