Road Rage on TV

Posted by chdot on January 7, 2008

Tonight at 9.00

“Road Rage: The Battle for Britain’s…
Mon 7 Jan, 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm 60mins

Britain is in the grip of an escalating road rage crisis. Filming on some of the UK’s most traffic-choked streets, this special investigation exposes just how bad the situation has become; as violence and abuse in the war between motorists, cyclists, wardens and police escalates without any solution in sight.

For decades, the UK’s ever-growing number of motorists have been kings of the road; paying tax and fuel duty, they believe the streets belong to them. But now the balance of power is shifting. Increasing numbers of cyclists and pedestrians are demanding, and exercising, equal rights to the road and the anger on each side is mounting. Strong language. [S]”

Should be available on-line for a week at (but wasn’t – try here)

5 Responses to “Road Rage on TV”

  1. Not showing on iPlayer yet.

    I would like to watch it if it does come up. It’s a shame you have to download that sh*t software though

  2. You don’t have to download the iPlayer software if you have a recent version of flash and a fast enough internet connection. I’m mostly successfully managing to stream the programmes on Mac OS X 10.5 in Safari 3.0.4. I’m hoping that my ISP have found where the problem is with my modem dropping the internet connection. For the technical minded it appears to be a DNS config option.

  3. I just had a look on the iPlayer site and found out that you don’t have to download anything… but I see you have already replied 🙂

  4. BTW… the programme isn’t on there 😦

  5. the thing is on google video at the moment

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