“Ten simple ways we can all help save the planet”

Posted by chdot on January 9, 2008

Today The Scotsman has gone green (even its masthead)!

“4. Leave the car at home at least once a week and cycle, walk, share a car or use public transport more often.

CARS and other vehicles are responsible for nearly a fifth of Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

They are expensive – car ownership costs on average £2,200 a year – and emit other gases that affect air quality and health. Nearly half of car journeys are under three miles and, in cities, cycling can be as quick. Taking the bus or train will also reduce emissions compared to driving alone in a car.

Sharing a car, using park-and-ride services and choosing a vehicle with good fuel efficiency are ways of reducing the impact of car journeys.

Regular servicing, not leaving the engine idling too long and driving at a sensible speed, avoiding hard accelerating and braking, also help.”

Clearly there are plenty of things that individuals can do. The Scotsman‘s ten simple ways are a start.

Today’s paper also contains the news that the Scottish Government plans “..a new Forth crossing; expansion of Edinburgh and Glasgow airports..”.

2008 looks like being an interesting year…

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