First Ride of the Year?

Posted by chdot on January 11, 2008

There have been a couple of days this year when even hardened cyclists have taken the bus (or just stayed at home).

Even so, there seem to be even more riders on the road than this time last year. One Edinburgh office’s cycle shed has seen twice as many bikes as before Christmas. Is it just New Year’s resolutions or the continuation of a rising curve?

Whether you’ve cycled every day or none so far this year, you might like to try the first TryCycling in Edinburgh Ride. They normally happen on the last Sunday of the month, but in January there are two!

If you’ve been on a TCiE ride before you’ll know that they attract a wide range of ages and abilities. You’ll also know that they are not fast or hard. Sunday’s trip goes from the Water of Leith Centre to Heriot Watt (and back). About ten miles, along the canal and generally quiet roads.

If you haven’t been before you’ll be most welcome. Many people have used these rides to build up skills and confidence before becoming ‘commuter cyclists’.

If you are already ready for something slightly more strenuous why not try tomorrow’s 20-Milers’ ride – 10.30 start at the top of Middle Meadow Walk.

Weather: Saturday looks fine, Sunday damp – not that it’ll put off the TryCyclers.

2 Responses to “First Ride of the Year?”

  1. I’ve been cycling to work come hail, snow, rain, ice or shine. Yesterday I got totally soaked getting to work. Today I came off my bike on some black ice at the end of my street. I just got a slightly sore shoulder and leg where I skated across the ground. I just picked myself up, took a some deep breaths and got back on.

  2. nearefare said

    There have been a couple of days this year when even hardened cyclists have taken the bus (or just stayed at home)

    yeah right !! who are you accusing of having taken the bus !! Cycled everyday irrespective of the weather thank you

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