“Don’t drive into town”

Posted by chdot on January 15, 2008

That’s the Evening News headline today! (Graphic Evening News)

More work on the tram line means that “the 19-week closure for Shandwick Place gets under way in the second week of February”.

The good news is that even more people will choose to cycle as a sensible way of getting around.

The bad news is that it’s far from clear if any thought has been given to cyclists. Lothian Road and Haymarket are not too ‘cycle friendly’ at the best of times and bikes are banned on the Western Approach Road – part of the diversion route.

Added to that there will be lots of frustrated motorists driving in unfamiliar semi-circles. Perhaps that’s why there’s no sign of the Council (or its arms-length company TIE) actually promoting the idea of ‘cycling to beat the jam’.

Assuming Shandwick Place isn’t shut to pedestrians, expect more illegal pavement cycling…

March update – pretty much as expected. 

3 Responses to ““Don’t drive into town””

  1. Becky said

    The eastern end of Melville Street will become a fun place to cycle at 5pm!

    More than ever though, you can see how Edinburgh really missed a trick by not including even a pavement, let alone a cycle path, when the West Approach Road was built, or resurfaced. It’s one of the flattest and helpfully direct routes in the whole city. I’d expect to see some eastbound cyclists using a West Maitland St / Torphichen St / Canning St / WAR route to get to Lothian Road.

  2. I suppose for the more experienced cyclists, the West Approach Road would be fine, but most other cyclist would have to avoid the West Approach Road, unless there was special cycle facilities.

  3. […] The original plan was “the 19-week closure for Shandwick Place gets under way in the second week of February”. […]

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