Cycling in England gets £140m

Posted by chdot on January 21, 2008

It’s over three years, and Cycling England asked for £250m. However its current budget is only £10m p.a., so it’s a significant increase.

The money will go on another 10 Cycling Demonstration Towns AND “the first large Demonstration City”. It will also be used to “allow an extra 500,000 10 year-olds across England to take part in Bikeability cycle training by 2012″, and add “another 250 Safe Links to Schools”.

The Scottish Government is still exploring “with key partners sustainable travel demonstration towns across Scotland to reduce car use and promote cycling and walking”. This was first outlined in Scotland’s National Transport Strategy published in December 2006. Scotland’s Demonstration Towns will therefore be about travel choices, not just cycling. It’s expected that there will be between four and eight.

It appears unlikely that Edinburgh will be one of them – not because it is too big, but because the Council is unable to demonstrate the commitment or enthusiasm that some other authorities have.

The Scottish Government is going through the final stages of proposals for it’s 2008 budget. Local cycle campaign Spokes has been lobbying hard. Today, because of the Department for Transport’s announcement, it has e-mailed MSPs pointing out that “only some 1% of Scottish Transport spending goes on cycle projects, and the proposed Scottish budget is likely to bring a further fall. It would be shocking if Scotland sees a decline in cycle spending at the same time as a major increase south of the Border!”

Spokes submission (PDF)

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