citycycling on the radio

Posted by chdot on January 23, 2008

High profile events, especially tragic ones, raise the media temperature of issues from youth crime to cycle safety.

Last week’s death of racing cyclist Jason MacIntyre is the spur for a discussion about how to make conditions safer for cycling.

Friday’s Radio Scotland edition of Riddoch Questions (1.15 – 2 pm) has citycycling editor Anthony Robson arguing that “we need more cyclists on our roads”. Lesley Riddoch is notoriously argumentative and combative, but at least she cycles – and writes books about her experiences.

Anthony “believes more bikes on the roads will make conditions safer and lead to fewer accidents’. He thinks “more mutual respect is needed between motorists and cyclists and wants to see Scotland becoming more like other European countries where bicycles and cars sharing road space is the norm”.

Spoiling for a fight the pre-programme publicity asks: “Are you a driver who thinks cyclists cause accidents? Are you a cyclist who thinks motorists drive like they own the road? Has Jason’s tragic death stopped you or your kids cycling? Is it time to consider the solution of putting cyclepaths on pavements? Will it ever be safe to take to two wheels in Scotland?”

If you are reading that on this site you perhaps know some of the answers – so why not “have your say” on Friday – call (free) from 1 pm on 0500 92 95 00 or email or text 80295.

4 Responses to “citycycling on the radio”

  1. Grrr I’ll be working again. Hopefully it will be available on listen again.

  2. Will be interesting. Think I’ll only hear the replay. Hope some positive stuff comes out. Maggie Wynn is going to make it I hope. I think we’ve got some good things happening to let people know about.

    The Baroness that hit a cyclist is on for some extra colour. Sure there can be another debate later in the year.

  3. […] citycycling on the radio […]

  4. keith w said

    i think it would be difficult for parts of edinburgh to be cyclist freindly as the general roads in edinburgh are in such a poor state for starters and probably arnt wind enough parked cars are a problem as well .if i was to travel from edinburgh to balerno i would use the cycle path probably never use the main roads.edinburgh has a long way to go before it would be suitable not just painted red lanes

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