Free Places for Bike Week Planners

Posted by chdot on January 24, 2008

And free breakfast too if you cycle to Victoria Quay early enough on the 12th of February. The seminar is for four hours from 11.00 – free lunch as well!

It’s for anyone thinking of running an event in June (14th – 22nd), whether it’s something ambitious like the Two Capitals Cycle Ride or a small local or workplace event.

This year the UK wide Week is being organised by a different company from the one responsible for recent Bike Weeks, so some aspects will be done differently. The new firm organised the London Freewheel where “more than 38,000 bikes descended on the city’s streets”. Imagine a good fraction of that in Edinburgh! Of course it helped that 14km of London’s streets were closed to motor vehicles. (Bogota manages 70 miles EVERY Sunday)

In Scotland, Bike Week is promoted by CyclingScotland which is organising the seminar – details.

Check the events that were organised in Edinburgh last year on the bikeweekedinburgh site.

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  1. […] first BW event takes place on February 12th – a free seminar about organising […]

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