“New truths need peddling about pedalling”

Posted by chdot on January 28, 2008

Fresh from her entertaining radio show on Friday, Lesley Riddoch continues the theme of encouraging more notice to be taken of cyclists in an article in today’s Scotsman.

She highlights some ‘best practice’ in Groningen, (the sixth largest city in the Netherlands – slightly smaller than Aberdeen). “Sixteen years ago, traffic congestion led city planners to dig up city-centre motorways. Now it has the highest level of bicycle usage in the West”.

Riddoch has a key quote from senior city planner Gerrit van Werven: “This is not an environmental programme, it is an economic programme. We are boosting jobs and business. It has been proved that planning for the bicycle is cheaper than planning for the car.”

The Scottish Government’s budget will be finalised on the 6th of February. At present only 1% of the Transport budget is spent on cycling. Campaign group Spokes fears this will be reduced further and is asking people to contact their MSPs.

City of Edinburgh Council’s budget will be fixed on the 21st, Spokes wants people to contact their councillors. The Council also has a short on-line questionnaire asking for people to rank their spending priorities.

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