Sheldon Brown 1944 – 2008

Posted by chdot on February 4, 2008


Sheldon Brown was best known, throughout the world, for his web site – Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info. Or just Sheldon Brown.

On this he shared his genuinely encyclopedic knowledge of cycling, bikes, components – and their use.

Facts and considered (and valuable) opinions were conveyed with wit and style. For instance – “Everything You Wanted to Know About Shifting Your Bicycle’s Gears, But Were Afraid to Ask…” under the heading Articles For New Cyclists by Sheldon “Been There” Brown.

However much (or little) you think you know about bikes you will be educated and entertained by his site. But it’s not just bikes, he was writing about his life on-line (my journal), long before the word blog was invented. “While I’m mainly writing this for the benefit of my kids, I’m leaving it public for anybody who cares.” Unlike many bloggers, what he has to say is worth reading.

His last entry was yesterday. It began: “I’ve finally made up my mind, I’ll be voting for Obama in the primary on Tuesday.”

MANY more tributes here | Wikipedia entry | HarrisCyclery guestbook

10 Responses to “Sheldon Brown 1944 – 2008”

  1. andrew said

    A master at the art of bicycle mechanics with out a doubt. I will be dedicating the MS 150 ride from Boston to the Cape this June to Sheldon and the cause. Thank for everything Mr. Brown!

    MS 150 from Boston to the Cape

  2. gotta say this is a big loss for the cycling world

  3. No more heroes anymore

  4. Gill said

    Sheldon and his amazing gear ratio calculator was helping me just yesterday. Thank you Sheldon and so sorry you are gone.

  5. Heidi Kuehne said

    there’s an emptiness in the cycling world as we adjust our gears to the world without sheldon brown. ride on in great joy, sheldon – you gave so much to so many.

  6. Chris said

    My heartfelt condolences to Sheldon’s family and friends. This was quite a shock for me, so it must be heart breaking for them.

    Thank you Sheldon for your enthusiasm and for taking so much time imparting your knowledge. Your web site has taught me much of what I know about cycle components and maintenance.

    Thank you.

  7. James said

    Appreciated his knowledge and best wishes to his family-he touched so many
    and will remain the guru of bikes.

  8. UK Cyclist said

    Wherever you are now Sheldon may the tarmac be smooth, the sun shinning and the wind following..

  9. Gerry said

    I have had so much pleasure and learned so much over the years reading Sheldon Brown’s articles. My thoughts are with the family. Sheldon Brown was a true Cycling Gentleman and I doubt we will see his like again for a very long time.

  10. […] The Times has just produced a well measured obituary. […]

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