Council Commissions “Cycle Share” Study

Posted by chdot on February 26, 2008

Photo by Hugo*

Following the great success of the Vélib scheme in Paris (Launched in July 2007 – 20,600 bikes and 1,451 ‘stations’) mass hire/share schemes are all the rage. (London is starting with 6,000 bikes.)

A year ago, local Conservative councillor Iain Whyte proposed that the Council should investigate doing something similar in Edinburgh. Now it’s happening.

Multinational consultants Halcrow (“founded in Scotland in 1868”) has been commissioned “to undertake an initial study to assess the potential feasibility of introducing a cycle share scheme in Edinburgh. Cycle share schemes provide for greater mode choice and flexibility by facilitating short term cycle hire and provide the opportunity for single trips to be made by enabling users (residents, visitors or commuters) to hire a bike from one location and leave it at another.”

“As part of the study we are interested to gather the views of stakeholders and would like to hear your views on the feasibility of introducing a cycle share scheme in Edinburgh, including:

  • Would you support the introduction of a scheme in Edinburgh?
  • Do you think there would be demand for a scheme in Edinburgh?
  • In which areas/locations do you think the stations should be located?
  • What would you see as the main benefits?
  • Do you think that there would be any problems/disadvantages?
  • Do you have any experience of using a cycle share scheme? (good or bad)
  • Do you have any other comments about such a scheme?”

Comments should be sent by 14th March 2008 to SCS AT or by post to

Pamela Gidney, Halcrow Group Limited, 16 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6LB

Background info on other hire schemes (pdf)

7 Responses to “Council Commissions “Cycle Share” Study”

  1. tony wylie said

    Fantastic idea, the sooner you get this implemented the better.

  2. Michelle Kastern said

    I would support a scheme like this. Its a brilliant idea!

  3. Peter Keston said

    Great idea. Introduction of the new trams would be an ideal time to bring in a scheme like this and give us all a real alternative to the car.

  4. alastair gow said

    forget the feasibility study and just get on with it. Seville, in Andalusia, Spain has just implemented a schemme over the past 8 months with incredible success. still growing but works really well. run by a French company JCDecaux (unfortunately some kind of French Clear Channel).

  5. Graeme Shilland said

    I’m with Alastair, why not save the (likely considerable) feasibility study costs and spend them on more bikes? Edinburgh is an awesome city for biking, and this would make it even better xx

  6. Mike Whitehead said

    I like the Velibs in Paris
    They worked really well for us and were very popular even in February. Paris is successful because of the impressively high number of stations and well-maintained bikes. Wonderful!
    I’m sure it could be repeated in Edinburgh.

  7. Trevor Jenkins said

    Great idea and I would use it

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