Almond Walkway News

Posted by chdot on February 29, 2008

Anyone who has ever walked or cycled from Cramond Brig alongside the Almond to the Forth at Cramond will know about the steps. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do the trip at the moment due to a partial collapse. At first the Council could give no estimate about how long it would take to repair – no money had been budgeted for such a problem.

Money has now been found to fix the steps. Work is being undertaken to get the contract prepared and to tender it. There is hope that it can be fixed by this summer but that is dependent on finding a willing contractor and “other unknowns” – as Donald Rumsfeld might have said.

In the meantime the existing steps are likely to be demolished as people have been tempted to use them – despite the danger, and the signs. Shows how much this route means to people!

One Response to “Almond Walkway News”

  1. Mike Lewis said

    For an alternative route: as you follow the walkway north from Cramond Brig, look out for a narrow track on the right. This takes you up to Peggy’s Mill Road. Continue until you reach Whitehouse Road, then turn left. After a short stretch, turn sharp left down School Brae. This leads back to the walkway. This route avoids not only the steps that are closed, but another steep flight as well.

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