Brilliantly Simple Bike Parking

Posted by chdot on March 6, 2008

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The best ideas are often simple – and ‘so obvious’ that few people think of them.

What is there not enough of in many cities (including Edinburgh)? Suitable bike parking!

What are there quite a lot of? Traffic sign posts!

They are already used for locking bikes to but it’s common to see bikes that have fallen over – taking up more pavement space. It’s even known for thieves to lift locked bikes off poles!

Enter University of Westminster design student Anthony Lau. His Cyclehoop idea was first shown at the seminal Reinventing the Bike Shed exhibition in London in 2006. There will soon be a  trial in that city.

It now seems he might win a £20,000 prize (more info from

Anthony can be contacted through his web site. He ought to be inundated with e-mails from councils and companies with car parks – supermarkets(?)

2 Responses to “Brilliantly Simple Bike Parking”

  1. I agree. He should be inundated. This is a brilliant design, relatively cheap for local councils and the like. Easier to install than Sheffield stands and, importantly, Lau’s Cyclehoop, if placed lower down the post, is at BB height, the best place to lock.

  2. This is nearly identical to a product we released in the US in 1999. We had it on our website for a while but it didn’t seem to sell very well. There are a couple of these in certain cities across the US that I have seen – Des Moines, Key West and Baltimore to name a few.

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