Council Produces New Diversion

Posted by chdot on March 11, 2008

Image Crown Copyright & CEC

After much criticism (not least on this site) the Council has issued a revised scheme of cycle diversions, avoiding the Shandwick Place closure. (That’s at least the second revision – changed last Monday too!)

This time there’s a map as well as directions. The routes general follow the buses, with the addition of a Canning Street route to avoid the (bikes banned) Western Approach Road.

Whether these routes are ‘best’, ‘optimum’ or ‘adequate’ is highly subjective and will depend on how much individual cyclists feel ‘disadvantaged’ or (worse) discomforted.

Of course most cyclists won’t have a clue which is the ‘official’ route (or which one was recommended last week) as there is STILL no signage.

Cyclists are universally used to being 4th class road users. BUT this is Edinburgh, where the LibDems (in power, in coalition with the SNP) proclaim that they want it to be “a model cycle friendly city”.

Making a real attempt to encourage cycling during the tram disruption would have been a good start.

2 Responses to “Council Produces New Diversion”

  1. I would have thought that it would have followed the national cycle network between Charlotte Square and Melville Street. Hrm but then again you have to mow down some pedestrians if you want to keep your speed up. It doesn’t matter which route is used someone isn’t going to be happy.

    Eastbound is now following the car route for the first section.

  2. Gavin said

    The council still have the same advice on their website. However when travelling East to West they have now banned the right turn onto the south side of Charlotte Square. I believe they have also banned East/West travel on the south side of the square.

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