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Double Win

Posted by chdot on March 13, 2008

Photo Wingpig

The Mound is set to have double yellow lines painted along its entire length!

LibDem councillors realised that backing the proposals from council officials would be embarrassing for a party that wants to see Edinburgh become a “Model Cycle-Friendly City“.

Once again Spokes can take the credit for putting forward a coherent case and mobilising its members. It is believed that the LibDems had a “lengthy group meeting debate” about what to do!

It should be noted that banning parking on Sundays (the main effect of double yellow lines) will not just benefit ‘a few cyclists’, it will also benefit many bus passengers. Ironically the only reason that this wasn’t resolved at the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee is becouse two councillors work for Lothian Buses and “declared a financial interest” and so “took no part in the consideration of this item”.

Of course this should have been done years ago – but things take a long time in Edinburgh. Sometimes this is beneficial. Plans for urban motorways – flyovers in The Meadows, dual carriageways through Calton Hill, etc. – were delayed long enough for them to become unfashionable!

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