City Promotes “Bike Boxes”

Posted by chdot on March 20, 2008


Sadly it’s not Edinburgh.

It’s a new idea in bike-friendly Portland (Oregon) so it’s understandable that the City wants to make motorists aware of the change to the streets.

In Edinburgh Advance Stop Lines, as they are usual known, have been around for many years. So long in fact that the red paint has mostly rubbed off some (e.g. Buccleuch Street/Melvile Drive crossroads). Of course this mustn’t be confused with ones that never had a coloured surface – due to a city centre Streetscape policy that put a strange notion of visual amenity over cycle safety.

Portland residents are also lucky to have long lead-in lanes something mostly missing in Edinburgh. There is increasing evidence in Edinburgh that motorists no longer realise that they are not supposed to stop in ASLs – or perhaps they no longer care, as there are no sanctions.

There has been talk for a while about an ‘awareness campaign’ (CofP OofT’s version). Clearly a good idea – as long as it happens in conjunction with repainting of the junctions.

Perhaps this is a measure that could be proposed if City of Edinburgh Council puts in a bid to be a Travel Demonstration Community.

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