Active Travel Photo Competition

Posted by chdot on March 27, 2008

There’s a great chance to win a Dahon folding bike for your organisation – just by taking a photo.

ACT TravelWise is running a competition with two ‘pool bikes’, and a year’s free membership of ACT TravelWise as prizes. All you have to do to enter is email a photo and caption of “someone where you work commuting without a car, or car sharing” to Full details at competition. (Closing date April 4th)

If your photo was taken in Edinburgh you might like to add it to the “Edinburgh cycles to work” Flickr group. If the image is from elsewhere (or doesn’t involve a bike) you could go to the “Commuting WITHOUT a car” group.

ACT TRAVELWISE is a new organisation combining the Association for Commuter Transport (ACT) and the National TravelWise Association. Its ‘mission’ is “to have a serious impact on the harmful effects of transport. The association members seek in particular to reduce the economic costs of congestion, the environmental damage of traffic pollution and the personal health consequences of car dependency. Our members do this through the promotion of all sustainable alternatives to travel . The association’s approach is to reduce unnecessary car trips through supporting our members in their business of encouraging behavioural change through travel planning and mobility management.”

Membership is for “any organisation or person that is either developing or delivering a Travel Plan, a marketing campaign for changing travel behaviour, advising on sustainable travel initiatives or providing sustainable transport services to others.”

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