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Want to Get Good at Biking?

Posted by chdot on April 29, 2008

Sorry, you have to be 12 – 16 (and live in Edinburgh), but if that’s you – or someone you know – it’s a great opportunity.

Adventure Edinburgh aims to give young people the opportunity to develop skills and interests in walking, climbing and mountain biking. Through this participants are encouraged to become self-sufficient in their chosen activity.”

As it’s partly Lottery funded, sessions are only £5 (including equipment and transport). Places are limited, so it’s not just ‘something to do’ – or cheap childcare!

“You should have a genuine interest in learning more about your chosen activity and must demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to the project.”

Initially young people will book onto the Introductory Phase “where individuals enjoy sessions that work on fundamental skills and techniques”. Assessment will be made of the “enthusiasm and commitment” and those who have it will be invited to join the Development Phase where they will receive “higher level coaching and advanced trips”.

The dates for the introduction programme are: 7th/8th June, 14th/15th June, 21st/22nd June

More details (PDF) | e-mail

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Red Returns

Posted by chdot on April 20, 2008

For several years there has been a stand-off between different sections of the City Development Department.

One wanted the purity of Edinburgh’s historic centre to be unsullied by red tarmac. Yellow lines, parked cars, giant wheelie bins, and too much traffic were OK it seems.

Another part of the Council was more keen to encourage cycling with clearly marked Advanced Stop Lines. Spokes has consistently campaigned for ASL boxes to be red rather than blank/black to show drivers that they are not the only road users!

Spokes recently succeeded in getting the Council to agree to double the lines on The Mound to stop Sunday parkers – and improve cycle safety and bus flow. It has also been agreed to repaint the shabby cycle lanes at the same time.

The photo shows work at the Heriot Row/Dundas Street junction. Now the Council just has to find a way of repainting the existing red bits – Marchmont Road, Melville Drive etc. The problem, as ever, is the strange split between capital (new stuff) and revenue (looking after the stuff it already has)!

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EdinburghBicycle Prizes Flickr

Posted by chdot on April 4, 2008

The Bike Co-op’s latest newsletter says:

“Pictures of bicycles and of people on bikes is part of a growing concept of ‘bicycle culture’, and Flickr leads the way in promoting this alternative, photo-bloggy culture.” (EBC has clearly been paying attention to!)

“If you go to the Flickr website and type ‘bicycles in edinburgh’ into the search box, then a photo gallery of bicycle images will magically appear on your radar screen. While there are plenty of interesting bike images for Edinburgh, so far, there is not the same number of images for Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester or Aberdeen – or plenty of other UK cities, for that matter.” (Just to name cities where EBC has branches…)

So to help spread this “Bicycle Culture” (which is becoming a worldwide phenomenon) there is now the “Flickr Photo Competition – Win a Camera Bag”.

Add a photo to Flickr and e-mail to the Co-op: “let us know about it and we’ll include your photo in the newsletter or on our website. Then we’ll choose our favourite picture submitted in April 2008 and award the winner a fine camera bag (AKA the Revolution Adventure Bar Bag)”

Of course you can also add your photos to Cycling in Edinburgh, Edinburgh cycles to work, .citycycling Cycling in Manchester, Cycling in Newcastle, Cycling in Aberdeen, Cycling in Leeds or Commuting WITHOUT a car too – or start your own group…

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Celebrate Sheldon and Save a Toad

Posted by chdot on April 1, 2008

sbs.jpg Photo

The two are not directly related – apart from the fact that they both take place in Holyrood Park this Sunday.

It’s almost two months since the internet’s best know (and best loved) ‘bicycle guru’ died. Since then various events have been held to celebrate his personal generosity to thousands (probably millions) of cyclists world wide.

The event on Sunday will be simple – just one minute’s silence near the swan pond (St. Margaret’s Loch) at 1.00. From 12.00 anyone with a bicycle is invited to ride along the (closed on Sundays) section from Holyrood Palace.

One thing about Sheldon is that he liked all types of bikes – and cycling. He had a hand in the boom/fad of fixed/singlespeed bikes. He also had a fondness for “English 3 speeds“. When MS meant he could no longer balance a two-wheeler he still rode his recumbent trike.

At one minute past one, some people will head for Dunsapie Loch in search of a personal best on the unofficial Arthur’s Seat Challenge. Some will carry on down to Duddingston Loch (on another Sunday shut section of road) and even on to Musselburgh for an ice cream at Luca’s. Others will head for Redbraes Park to see the first Edinburgh Falcons cycle speedway fixture of the year – against Hull, start 2.00.

Saving the toads starts at 8.30.

Holyrood Park’s Ranger Team is “looking for volunteers to help scour the hill, record any toads they find and deliver them safely to the loch”.

“Every year the toads migrate to Dunsapie Loch, and the last few metres of their trek are dangerous as they must leave the grassy hillside and cross the road.” Nick Pettigrew, Holyrood Park Ranger, says: “The toad patrol is a great event for children and adults alike, with lots of fun to be had. It’s a great learning experience as anyone can investigate the environment for themselves in a hands-on situation. Each morning during the spawning season the Rangers look out for toads. We can find up to 30 a day that need help.”

Meet at the entrance to the High Road near St Margaret’s Loch. Sturdy footwear and waterproofs are recommended. (Booking is essential for this event – call 0131 652 8150.)

Following the toad rescue activity there will be “more toady fun and games” at the Holyrood Park Education Centre from 10.00 to 14.00. There will be the “Toad Detective Challenge” – follow the clues, manoeuvre around the assault course and “save the missing, celebrity-toad”!

So come along for a spin in the Park on Sunday with your favouritest/fastest/funest cycle and take part in two events. Adorned helmets optional.

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