EdinburghBicycle Prizes Flickr

Posted by chdot on April 4, 2008

The Bike Co-op’s latest newsletter says:

“Pictures of bicycles and of people on bikes is part of a growing concept of ‘bicycle culture’, and Flickr leads the way in promoting this alternative, photo-bloggy culture.” (EBC has clearly been paying attention to!)

“If you go to the Flickr website and type ‘bicycles in edinburgh’ into the search box, then a photo gallery of bicycle images will magically appear on your radar screen. While there are plenty of interesting bike images for Edinburgh, so far, there is not the same number of images for Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester or Aberdeen – or plenty of other UK cities, for that matter.” (Just to name cities where EBC has branches…)

So to help spread this “Bicycle Culture” (which is becoming a worldwide phenomenon) there is now the “Flickr Photo Competition – Win a Camera Bag”.

Add a photo to Flickr and e-mail to the Co-op: “let us know about it and we’ll include your photo in the newsletter or on our website. Then we’ll choose our favourite picture submitted in April 2008 and award the winner a fine camera bag (AKA the Revolution Adventure Bar Bag)”

Of course you can also add your photos to Cycling in Edinburgh, Edinburgh cycles to work, .citycycling Cycling in Manchester, Cycling in Newcastle, Cycling in Aberdeen, Cycling in Leeds or Commuting WITHOUT a car too – or start your own group…

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