Red Returns

Posted by chdot on April 20, 2008

For several years there has been a stand-off between different sections of the City Development Department.

One wanted the purity of Edinburgh’s historic centre to be unsullied by red tarmac. Yellow lines, parked cars, giant wheelie bins, and too much traffic were OK it seems.

Another part of the Council was more keen to encourage cycling with clearly marked Advanced Stop Lines. Spokes has consistently campaigned for ASL boxes to be red rather than blank/black to show drivers that they are not the only road users!

Spokes recently succeeded in getting the Council to agree to double the lines on The Mound to stop Sunday parkers – and improve cycle safety and bus flow. It has also been agreed to repaint the shabby cycle lanes at the same time.

The photo shows work at the Heriot Row/Dundas Street junction. Now the Council just has to find a way of repainting the existing red bits – Marchmont Road, Melville Drive etc. The problem, as ever, is the strange split between capital (new stuff) and revenue (looking after the stuff it already has)!

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