‘Accident’ Waiting to Happen

Posted by chdot on May 3, 2008

In the week of a tragic death at a road junction, (police are still looking for witnesses), it’s disturbing to come across a ‘new’ junction with serious problems.

The ongoing evolution of closures and diversions (for the tram) is causing endless inconvenience for road users and pedestrians. It would appear that AIP (Accident, Injury, Prevention) considerations are not as prominent as they should be.

The photo shows a car going through the red lights at the Lothian Road/Castle Terrace junction. It was one of several in a fairly short period. Clearly the responsibility lies with the driver, but the amount of visual overload isn’t helping.

The brightly coloured shrouds on the out of use lights must be one contributory factor. The line of cones and the ‘no right turn’ signs perhaps imply that there is no longer any traffic coming from Castle Terrace. In addition it seems that the green phase for traffic turning right out of Castle Terrace isn’t long enough. The lights change while traffic is still turning into Lothian Road.

It is no longer clear who is responsible for any of this. It should be City of Edinburgh Council’s City Development Department, but tie (wholly owned by the Council) has responsibility for delivering the tram and is largely obviously to criticism – whether it comes from Leith Walk traders or cycle campaigners Spokes. The recent shambles over diversions for cyclists around the Shandwick Place closure doesn’t inspire confidence that things will improve.

Tram supporters constantly say that ‘the pain will be worth the gain’. It’s to be hoped that no one will suffer actual physical pain between now and February 25th 2011.

2 Responses to “‘Accident’ Waiting to Happen”

  1. Becky said

    And of course, now that the roadworks on Shandwick are biting, everyone seems to be using the Canning St from Shandwick Pl /Canning St from Torphichen St to the West Approach Road shortcut. Yesterday it took me ten minutes sitting in traffic to get from Canning St to be turning right onto Lothian Road. Thanks CEC for a convenient cycle route solution!

  2. BruntsfieldNeil said

    I used to commute to between Bruntsfield & the New Town via Haymarket but the works on Shandwick Place have caused me to change my route. I now go from Bruntsfield to Princes Street via Tollcross & Lothian Road. Over the past month I have witnessed three serious accidents in on Home Street alone. On each occasion the cyclist appears to have been seriously injured due to large coaches turning left (ie Gilmore Place)or white vans emerging from the left – This cannot be normal! What must be one of the most widely used on-road cycle routes in the city is currently a death trap.
    It strikes me that a combination of isolated roadworks, parked vehicles, appalling pot holes and a plethora of conflicting temporary road signs are making the few remaining routes for cyclists even more lethal than the jumping cycle lanes at the Morrison Street approach to Haymarket. (and that’s saying someting).
    Who monitors the number of accidents involving cyclists in and around the TIE works? Is there a contact at the Council (or Police) who we can ask to review conditions for cyclists in the city centre on a regular basis and help prevent what will be another inevitable cyclist fatality.

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