Spokes is 100

Posted by chdot on June 3, 2008

Or at least its Leaflet/Bulletin has just published the hundredth edition. (See all the covers on Flickr.)

As well as all the usual news of successes (often due to the letters and e-mails of Spokes members) and failures (usually Governments’ – at all levels – inability to take cycling seriously), there’s the answer to questions that have puzzled people for years!

“Why A5?? / Why the small typeface??”

“No it’s not that Spokes is bankrupt or that cyclists have bionic eyes! It’s a matter of weight and bulk, for bike delivery. Each issue has 11000-12000 copies, to the above audiences plus bike shops, libraries, and some 500 organisations. Around 2500 envelopes are delivered by bike in Edinburgh and in Lothians towns! – the rest posted.”

So now you know.

Under the heading “The philosophy of the Bulletin” the first item is “Be positive and constructive! We’ll certainly criticise strongly when it’s due but we prefer to praise and thank.”

The last three words certainly apply to Dave du Feu. He of course will ascribe the very impressive success of Spokes to its active members. But without his meticulous collection and dissemination of news and information, much less would have been achieved over the past thirty years. It’s not clear if he plans to produce another 100 issues.

If you are a Spokes member you should get your Bulletin delivered shortly. If not, pick one up at your local bike shop, library etc. – or download the PDF.

In addition, to celebrate the last thirty years of Spokes, there is an exhibition at Edinburgh’s Central Library (George IV Bridge) which will run to the end of June.

One Response to “Spokes is 100”

  1. IN my few days here, I have encountered Spokes Maps in all the bike shops, but most surprisingly in visitor centers dedicated to cultural things (Water Of Leith Center for example, and Dean Museum)…this strikes me as proof that the Scots have a better perspective on cycling. Bike riding is an integral part of life than filing it away under “sports, competition, fitness”.
    Also: ran into a commuter who told me she has seen huge improvements in the last five years of her riding in Edinburgh.
    You folks are lucky. Thank you for all the hard work..

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